Become a faster, better and smarter blogger.

Dictandu enables you write up to 10,000 words in an hour through dictation. It helps you to be faster, healthier and more creative as a blogger.

Dictandu: The Workflow

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Write more efficiently

Produce More Content

With dictation you can produce more text in a shorter time. With practice you will create up to 10,000 words in an hour.

Stay Healty

Too much typing can hurt your wrists and lead to RSI. Dictandu protects your wrists and fingers from overuse.

Focus On Creating

When you're dictating your content, you're forced to focus on creating text. You can Correct and edit your work later.

Edit And Improve

After you finished your draft, Dictandu helps you to check your content for errors, readability and style.

Dictandu: Recording view

Write Like You Talk

Here’s a simple trick to improve your writing: Write like you talk.

A lot of people write in a language they would never use in a conversation with a friend. That’s sad because your reader should be your best friend.

The funny thing is, you don’t need complex language to present complex ideas. Simple informal language is the king of easy understanding. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great authors who can use complex language in a very artful way. But for everybody else spoken language works much better.

Writing in spoken language sets you ahead of 99% of all writers. And it’s easy to do: just use a microphone and have a conversation with your reader.

Review, Edit and Improve

Spoken language tends to be more engaging. But sometimes it is full of unstructured phrases and even random thoughts.

Then it’s time to edit your text. Add punctuation marks, remove unnecessary words and make sure, you use correct grammar.

To help you with proofreading and editing, Dictandu integrates a spelling and grammar checker and a thesaurus. It scans your text for errors and bad style, it then suggests fixes for all of them.

Dictandu: Recording view

Improve Your Writing Workflow

Dictandu: The Workflow

Dictandu makes it easy for you to choose a better workflow and stick to it. You can divide the workflow of most writers into 4 phases:

  1. Ideation & Structuring

  2. Writing

  3. Editing

  4. Publishing and Promotion

Every piece starts with a new idea. You then research your topic and get your thoughts in order. You then switch to writing and editing - this is where Dictandu comes into play.

Dictandu supports you improve your writing and editing phases. It helps you to separate between the two.

When you are dictating you can focus to get your thoughts out. A lot of us edit their texts while they're writing. This is a big mistake. You should focus on getting your work on paper and produce content.

Dictandu makes this easy. While you're talking, you don’t think about improving the last sentence as easily as you do when your are typing. You get your words out and produce content fast - up to 10,000 words an hour. When you're finished, you switch to editing mode and start phase 4.

In the editing phase you focus on improving your text. You correct your grammar and check if your style works for your piece. Dictandu support you in this phase with a built-in writing assistant that points out possible mistakes and style issues.

You cycle through the editing and writing phases until you finish your piece and are ready for publishing. In the final phase you publish and promote your peace. Dictandu lets you easily export your text to every publishing system you use.

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